The Cannon That Sold For A Small Fortune On Pawn Stars

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With Season 18 of Pawn Stars presently circulating on History, watchers are tuning in week after week to see the new clump of expensive things getting through the entryways of the Harrisons’ Gold and Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas — albeit this thing must be wheeled into the parking garage. It’s a 40mm cannon, and merchant Dawn needed $25,000 for it. Rick Harrison met her outside to investigate the piece.

On the scene, the dealer clarifies that the gun is a family treasure, initially possessed by her dad in-law. After his demise, her better half had it re-mounted onto a bunch of oak wheels. With respect to the barrel, the dealer clarifies that she is uncertain of its starting point, despite the fact that it is conceivable that her dad in-law, a mechanic, constructed it himself. (Oddly, the offer of this gun appears to be not to have been troubled by the shop’s standard that they are just permitted to purchase weapons produced 1898 or before, per government guidelines.) Rick appears to be dubious, remembering it as a military barrel. Day break reports that the gun actually works, having fired it a month sooner, and can hit targets “just shy of 200 yards,” on account of its rifled barrel. She says she needs $25,000 for it, and the two go into arrangements.


Rick Harrison hazards purchasing a gun estimated paperweight

At the point when merchant Dawn requests $25,000 for her dad in-law’s cannon, Rick Harrison’s quick reaction is, “Would we be able to go shoot it?” however Dawn says she doesn’t have the opportunity, so he counters with $15,000, referring to his instability in not having seen it fire. As can be anticipated, Dawn counters $20,000, and they eventually choose $18,000 for the sketchy cannon. Rick Harrison says it merits the danger since he as of now has a purchaser at the top of the priority list, however would a weapons devotee truly need a moderately present day, nonfunctioning gun for an excessive cost?

After the deal, Rick and Chumlee get together with master Ron Cheney to check whether the thing fires. Ron affirms that the barrel is military-grade, distinguishing it as a Bofors-brand weapon. The 40mm Bofors was the most utilized enemy tank, hostile to airplane weapons during World War II, so it certainly wasn’t worked on by Dawn’s dad in-law. In spite of not being an exceptional, carefully assembled barrel, Ron Cheney says $18,000 is a reasonable cost — as long as it works — as it’s effectively worth $25,000.

Thus, they load the gun up with powder and a shell, and illuminate it. The cannon effectively hits the objective, and Rick cheers in his karma — the vender spoke the truth about its usefulness, and he ought to have the option to make money.

It seems like Rick got the fast turnaround he had expected, as the gun is inaccessible on the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop site. In the event that he continues to make simple arrangements like this, he will not need his side business.


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