Finally, we get our new Leo McGarry for the show ‘The West Wing’. Sterling K. Brown will be playing the role in the forthcoming reunion special of the show and we will see him on HBO next week. 

What’s the story?

From 1999 to 2006, John Spencer played the role of McGarry in The West Wing. It proved to be the final role for the Emmy Award winner. His career ended after he suffered a deadly cardiac rest. He was playing the role in the filming of the seventh and final season of the show at that time.

Now the HBO Max special is coming up with an old episode which is ‘Hartsfield’s Landing’ from season three of the same show. Thus, they needed to recast Leo McGarry and according to the people their search has ended with ‘This Is Us’ fame Sterling K. Brown.

There are so many things that make Brown a perfect replacement for Spencer. One of them is winning an Emmy Award. Brown has made many Emmy Awards his. For Brown, it is not new to play such heavy roles with significant dialogues. 

What more we will see in ‘The West Wing’?

The production for the show “The West Wing” had begun several months before, and Brown could be seen on the set of the show which made it easy for the people to predict that there is something about Brown in the show and now we get him playing McGarry.

The producers have released a photo of the cast for the show where we can see Brown. Besides McGarry, the other roles for this unique recreation by HBO will be played by the original cast which includes, Allison Janney, Martin Sheen, Rob Lowe, Bradly Whitford, Richard Schiff, and Dule Hill. If we leave Leo McGarry, we are going to see an epic recreation of the show as well as of the cast.

Currently, the production for the show is taking place at the famous Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles. There is an interesting pop out in the show, President Bill Clinton and Lin-Manual Miranda are the expected guest in between the brakes in action.

It seems that luck has opened its door for Brown. Besides the role of McGarry, he is all set to make a return on the set of ‘This Is Us’ for a two hours special episode premiering on October 27. We will see him playing Randall Pearson.

Stay safe and stunned with us for more details on the show.


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