As well as appearing on screen, Joe Curnette has worked behind the scenes on several short films, plays, and video projects. “The Mad Ones” is a New York City-based production group that emphasises “ensemble work,” and he’s one of the directors. Live-action and stage work seems to be his forte, although it isn’t his main interest. “Grand Theft Auto 5” and “Red Dead Redemption 2” have also featured him as a supporting actor.

During the story mode of “GTA 5,” Curnette voiced Dale O’Neil and Lenny Avery, two minor characters. To begin with, we have Dale O’Neil, a member of the drug-making O’Neil Brothers who Trevor Philips murdered. But he doesn’t have a lot to do with contemporary events.

On the other hand, Avery’s character is more memorable because he is the focus of the entire mission. Avery owns a shady real estate business. His success may be because he backstabbed Josh Bernstein, his former business partner. In the assignment “Closing the Deal,” Trevor is hired by Bernstein to damage Avery’s firm.

In his acting career, Benton Greene has primarily appeared in television shows and films. “FBI,” “Law and Order,” and even “Gossip Girl” have included him in brief roles. “The Battle Below,” a fantasy series in which a guy returns to his former neighbourhood and discovers many unpleasant changes, including kids battling with swords and axes, was another role in which he appeared.

Daryl Johns, one of the gunmen that the player can employ to assist in heists in “Grand Theft Auto 5,” is voiced by Greene. Arrogant gunman Daryl boasts about his abilities and never apologises for them. Because of his apparent lack of skill level, Johns wants to be a mastermind rather than a rockstar hitman.

Actor Abdel Gonzales has appeared in several television shorts, series, films, and video games. Some of his notable parts include “Bananas” and “Without Glasses.” Additionally, he supplied background voices for “Red Dead Redemption” in addition to Grand Theft Auto 5.

Gonzales is more than just an actor. Modelling and bartending are among his many abilities and interests. As a Mexican-American double agent in “GTA 5,” he is fluent in English and Spanish. Gonzales is Puerto Rican, despite the character’s heritage. As stated in his IMDb profile, he emigrated to the United States to further his studies during his teenage years.

Sanchez is the right-hand guy of corrupt FBI agent Steve Haines in “GTA 5.” Later on, though, it’s revealed that he’s providing intelligence to the opposition team, International Affairs Agency (IAA). Yes, these are parodies of real-life groups with similar names.

He has been in several prominent films, including ATL, “The Comebacks,” and “Idlewild.” In addition, Jackie Long plays D in “GTA 5.” Kevin Hart’s spoof reality television series “Real Husbands of Hollywood” and Nick Cannon’s improv comedy show “Wild ‘N Out” on MTV are among his notable TV appearances.

As one of the Ballas gang’s preliminary figures, D’s real name is still unknown. So they try to kidnap him and demand a ransom of $40,000 from Franklin and Lamar Davis (the former’s childhood friend). Unfortunately, they mistakenly reveal their position to the authorities and must let him go as a result. From then, things only get worse. There are a lot of additional cast members too!



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