The Chicago 7 on Netflix

The Chicago 7 on Netflix
The Chicago 7 on Netflix

Netflix is on top of Everest now, they are ready to release such films this year which seem to be blockbusters. This month we will have Elona Holmes in our list, starring Millie Bobby Brown, but the next movie will be the golden egg for Netflix. 

Netflix teased the fans with “The Chicago 7” trailer with an interesting cast. This movie was shot and ready to release in cinemas but the Covid-19 situation made things worse. They had a talk with Netflix and they are ready to release the movie on this platform. 

The Story Line 

The famous riot which took place in the mid-’60s i.e in 1968 was full of conspiracies and controversies. The protests were against President Lyndon B. Johnson’s because of his policies for the Vietnam War. People came on the street raising their voices against the odds to imply the right things in the country. 

The Chicago 7 on Netflix
The Chicago 7 on Netflix

The protests were going on without violence until, on 28th August 1968. The protest at Grant park consisted of fifteen thousand protestors. After the rally, some of them tried to march at Amphitheatre, but they were held or stopped at Conrad Hilton Hotel. 

Police charged to stop the crowd to march but they were using tear gas, batons to beat protestors, verbal confrontation, and more. This made the crowd to show the violence and they replied with stones, rocks, bottles, and destroyed public and private commercial property.

This ended to be a huge clash and turned to be characterized under Police riot. Many people were very injured including policemen. Media houses were filming the whole clash they had lost, their cameras were crushed and broken, their staff was injured. They were taken to the court and ended up charging 8 protestors and 8 policemen.

How’s the Trailer?

The Chicago 7 trailer looks amazing, the shoots are on point. The way the cast has portrayed the character gives you the feeling of 1968. No one can forget those riots and controversies. 

Director and Writer Aaron Sorkin have molded the movie perfectly. It seems fans will enjoy and will know about the 1968 riots deeply as it is based on true stories. Talking about the title, the main tag is the original “eight” as eight protestors and eight policemen were charged. According to other sources, five of eight protestors had lengthy sentences.

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