The Chronicle Entertainment Rundown


Hey Chronicle lovers!!

Here the article is based on some of the Chronicle entertainment stuff which has blown the mind of people with its amazing story and content.

  • Movie: The Social Dilemma

The movie directed by Jeff Orlowski is the documentary that focusses on the wrongdoings in this digital period. It is a criticism of how the information available on the internet is being misused for personal purposes. 

It reveals how the digital world is taking place in the real world and is conquering the world which is affecting your mental health day by day. This movie is the right choice for Social Media lovers.


Album: Folklore

Taylor Swift has made a special place in the heart of music lovers and the world with her voice. Along with singing, she is gifted with perfection in story writing and storytelling as well. Her masterpiece album “Folklore” is very popular among her fans. This album consists of teenage sad songs, filmy romantic songs, hear confessions, and American debate imaginaries. 

This album is the mix of her country culture with a new indie flavor. 

  • TV show: Away

The TV series revolves around the life of some crew members whose only purpose in their life is to “Land on the Mars” This is the story of Emma Green and other crew members who become close to each other during their journey to the mars. Each member has their issues and the series beautifully portraits the personal and dream journey of all the crew.

  • Book: Warcross

Marie Lu is a famous author of science fiction novels and her novel “Warcross” revolves around how the world is so obsessed with video games and its future.

It is very similar to “League of Legends” where gamers can play, compete, and earn. The story is about a young boy who plays the games and discovers the darker side of the internet world.

  • Podcast: The Saddest Podcast on Earth

COVID-19 has affected the lives of almost the whole world. It has changed everything ranging from their daily habits to their working pattern. People are trying to adapt to it. This also includes that stuff which people hate to do. Many trips and holidays are cancelled because of this. 

The podcast is based on this topic hosted by Ryan Bergara, Byron Marin, and Amanda Pham. Their trip to Disneyland is canceled because of a pandemic. So, it focusses on the Sight, sound, and smell of Disneyland. 

This is the perfect podcast for Disneyland lovers.


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