The Circle Season 2: Is Release Date Confirmed For Sequel Season?


Good News! For Netflix users, your most-loved series “Circle” Season 2 has been announced by Netflix. When the first season began in the US on 1 January 2020. 

The show was widely followed in the world. The show is also debuting in the U.K on Station 4 channel. Because the series gained so much fame and Netflix announced season 2 in just a few months. 

Circle Season 2 features more drama, heart touching, and friendship among the members.

“About the Circle”

In this reality series, all competition members are isolated in their own apartments, where they cannot contact each other and the world outside. All their gadgets are like laptops, mobiles are seized and any electronic gadgets. The only way to communicate with a specially designed social app where they can text each other is through text messages in the app.

They need to build their profile on that app and information like photos, status, bio, and relationships. While some contestants are trying to like catfish by adopting a different identity that they are not their own. The app allows the user to chat with each other or a whole group. The app sends alerts for mini-games to get to know each other better or they can win prizes.

In every episode, players signal to each other. The top vote winner becomes “dominant” and has the power to eliminate the player in the game or block the player in the series for a limited time.

The Circle Season 2: Is Release Date Confirmed For Sequel Season?

 “Winner Of The Season 1 Circle”

Joey Sasso is the winner in Circle 1 season and received a cash prize of $ 100,000. Where Shubham Goyal is the runner-up and the Fan Favorite Award goes to Sammy Cimarelli and wins a $ 10,000 cash prize. Seaburn William who plays as the last player using his girlfriend’s name “Rebecca” and his pictures and is in the final five.

“Cast Of The Circle Season 2”

 The show executive producer told that he wanted a variety of people in the show and what they are looking for and the cast has not been chosen for now. 

“We wanted people from lots of different backgrounds. Other reality shows, whether it’s ‘Real Housewives’ or ‘Jersey Shore,’ they’re all one gang of quite similar characters. What ‘The Circle’ gave us the opportunity to do was cast a very diverse net across the United States,” Tim Harcourt said. 

In the circle, there are about 20 to 25 people who will play in the circle but they start with 8 cast members. When someone is voted in, a new player will enter the game.

And if you want to be in a circle, visit @CastTheCircleUS on Twitter or that lets you know you’re in the next season. 

Sadly, the closure of COVID-19 is impacting films and television shows. So Netflix begins online auditions for season 2, but filming cannot proceed for many more months. 

So we have to wait to see season 2 until 2021. 

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