The Classic Star Wars Location The Mandalorian Came Very Close to being Recreated


It will be some time before fans from Star Wars get to enjoy new episodes from The Mandalorian, but some are now confronted by diving into information on the show behind the scenes. The last piece of information was from artist Anton Grandert, who spoke about an iconic location in the original trilogy he approached in Stage 1 of the Disney+ series.

Fans can remember a season 1 episode of The Mandalorian featuring a canteen from the Mos Eisley, the same Eisley canteen from the Star Wars: A New Hope. Anton Grandert shared a picture of some art he did for the episode and explained that Docking Bay 94 in The Mandalorian was the intention of the episode.

Although an easter egg is missed, Jon Favreau and his team have been making no mistake in showing another docking bay in The Mandalorian. Actually, I thought it was the same one I had not been told otherwise, so the place isn’t all that remarkable or distinguishable. It’s essentially a Star Wars parking lot equivalent, so it might be unnecessary and maybe cheesy to offer the exact one previous Star Wars character.

Full disclosure, I worked on the assumption that until I got the information, it was the same docking bay. You saw all of them if you saw one Tatooine bay docking site. The inspiration is clear at the docking bay, which was the last trick for The Mandalorian, to the extent that I could almost imagine a poor CGI’d Jabba the Hutt being slit.

While the Mandalorian team finally gave this idea, I am confident that future Star Wars locations or other development shows will be plenty of chance in the future. In the meantime, it’s great to see new and unexplored locations that will further expand this galaxy and make it look a lot deeper than just desert, lava, and ice planets. Star Wars has a vast galaxy to fill out, and for one of the first times, a lot of projects to vastly expand it.

The 3rd season is still a long way off, but the 1st and 2nd seasons are currently both possible on Disney+. Keep updated here in CinemaBlend on the Mandalorian, where we recently talked about how the series helped a WWE Star to become a better wrestler.


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