“The Colour Room”: Release Date, Cast, Plot & Everything We Know.

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The announcement of the upcoming movie by Sky Cinema, “The Colour Room” based on the life story of Clarice Cliff, his career and ambition, is already in buzz. Scripted by Claire Peate, she says that, 

“This time, we thought of highlighting women empowerment. A young girl working in the factory, never dismayed by her life, worked hard and made her life ‘The Colour Room’. I am very excited to work with Phoebe and Matthew in the movie.”

If you want to know more about the future piece of surprise, then stay tuned and scroll further to get more of it. 

When will “The Colour Room” release?

As the rumor spread by media, the life story of Clarice Cliff is going to be shown on screens by the end of 2021. The production of the movie has already been started and is taking place in beautiful destinations of Birmingham and Stoke-on-Trent.

What is “The Colour Room” all about?

Picturized in the time of 1920s, this life story revolves around a young girl who worked in a factory to earn the living. She never made her financial instability her weakness to reach great heights of life. 

She moved from place to place to do and learn different types of work, taking up different sorts of challenges and paving the way to achieve more success.

In the movie, the time of the Great Depression is also shown in which Clarice along with other ladies put their sweat and blood for the survival of the factory. 

Who is going to get casted in “The Colour Room”?

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As going according to the reports of media, a star from “Bridgerton”, Phoebe Dynevor is going to play the main lead. Along with her, the list of other actors acting in the movie are:

  • Colley Shorter
  • Luke Norris
  • Kerry Fox
  • Darci Shaw
  • David Morrissey

When the movie will release, we will drop down the link to show from where to download it. Till then, stay tuned. 

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