The Comey Rule: What does Plot Have to Convey!


The Comey is a sensational series of the year since former FBI director James Comey and President Donald Trump are the main lead of the season. Jeff Daniels and Brendan Gleeson will be seen in the series to justify their roles. It will be a great political series to witness the journey of the leaders.

Here is what you need to know more about the series.

Release Date:-

As per the sources, the series is all set to be aired on 27-Sep-20. Fans can certainly enjoy the show on their TV screens from 27-Sep-20 onwards. 


The plot revolves around two strong characters i.e. Jeff Daniels & Brendan Gleeson who would be performing as FBI director and President Donald Trump, respectively. It will be spectacular to see both of them getting along with the divergent personalities. Both parts will have a separate plot to amuse the fans whether it’s an email that impacts the election or the allies turning with up like enemies. 

Here is the official trailer of “The Comey Rule”:-

Star Cast:-

  • Jeff Daniels acting as James Comey
  • Holly Hunter acting as Sally Yates
  • Michael Kelly performing as Andrew McCabe
  • Jennifer Ehle acting as Patrice Comey
  • Scoot McNairy acting as Rod Rosenstein
  • Jonathan Banks performing as  James Clapper

And many more…

Fans are anticipating watching the episodes which will be available from 27-Sep-20 onwards. Let’s see what Billy Ray, the creator has to serve extraordinary for the fans. 

Isn’t a coincidence to launch the series just before the elections?


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