The Craft: Legacy Has Its Big Cameo Coming Together


The latest instalment of this horror franchise has a “wild cameo” in it and now the fans have the answer as to how it all came together. The ultimate moments of the movie divulged a major twist, that “Cailee Spaeny’s protagonist Lilly is actually the daughter of Nancy Downs, with Fairuza Balk making a brief appearance as her signature Craft character”.

The 46-year-old actress further claimed that her character returned mainly because of the inspiring aura around the same and the same also motivated her, “It went through a lot of different incarnations. But the reason that I got involved was because her motivation was a really positive one.

There are so many movies that are reinforcing women fighting women and the bitchiness. We’ve had so much of that; we know that already. The whole movement that’s happening nowadays in regards to women and taking back their power and setting definite lines as to what’s acceptable and what’s not and insisting on those changes being implemented in the world is really long overdue, and it’s happening finally!

More and more women are stepping up and owning their power, and that is a positive thing, and that was why I wanted to work with her”. The whole plot of the latest instalment focuses on a group of young witches who are slowly climbing to their helm of power, which lasts until the final moments which has the aforementioned cameo. However, it all ends with a cliffhanger, thus leaving a hope for another sequel. 


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