The Creator of Walking Dead gives reason for why we will like their new superhero show

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Invincible does not hold a value of the same name as the League of Justice, Captain America, Black Widow or numerous others, but do not be fooled: The new cartoon heroes are made from a comic book lineage almost as strongly as the others.

Image Comics first released the first Invincible Comics series, Skybound Entertainment, in 2003, covered 144 issues, and won a critical reward by turning existing Superhero conventions into the fresh, entertaining and unpredictable genre. Furthermore, the co-creator Robert Kirkman, the man responsible for another independent comic juggernaut, has written each Invincible issue: The Walking Dead.

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Just like Walking Dead, Invincible also began as a project of passion. Kirkman said the following during a roundtable conference, “The superhero genre is something that I absolutely love. I love every nook and cranny of it. I love every weird aspect of it. Invincible is able to bring all that in and put a real dramatic layer over it and heighten things in a cool way.”

Invincible high school star Mark Grayson, an ordinary youth in all respects—except for one, voiced the Walking death alum and the Oscar candidate Steven Yeun. His dad is Omni-man, the world’s most powerful superhero and an original of the planet Vitrum. So it’s not that shocking when Mark starts to manifest his superpowers.

Mark attempts to reconcile his current formation scheme with his growing superhero future, social life, and the astounding findings he finds about his dad’s history. The hard part comes. Simply put, this is a lot.

However, whilst Invincible Comic has consistently published new issues for 15 years, fans’ long and complicated past should not be intimidated. Invincible is adapted for Amazon to attract dedicated followers, beginners, and even people who usually don’t like superhero stories. Kirkman demonstrates how.

Kirkman explained, saying, “Invincible is a very contained world. I think if anyone starts with the first issue of the comic — if you’ve never read comics — you’ll still be able to follow along and enjoy the story. I think that things possibly moved a little bit too slowly in the comic book series, especially early on. There are different stories that I think could be improved upon or just tightened up a little bit to make sure that they don’t meander. In a perfect world, after a number of seasons, you’ll have a very similar version of the story that was told over 144 issues in the comic. The idea is to adapt the Invincible story. And so we’ll be doing that.”

The premiere of Invincible will be on March 26, Friday, on Amazon Prime Video.


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