The Crown Olivia Colman Joined for a new murder drama!!

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David Thewlis, an English actor, author, director, and screenwriter as well as the well-known Harry Potter star is going to appear opposite Olivia Colman in the new Sky Studios and HBO series Landscapers along with Oscar winner actress Olivia Colman. 

The crime drama series is inspired by a real-life story comprising a total of just four episodes. The story revolves around Susan and Christopher Edwards, who is played by Colman and Thewlis respectively. The couple killed Susan’s mom and dad and buried them in their garden back in 1998, and they managed to escape and hide it for 15 long years.

But they eventually got caught by the police in 2014, and the authorities sentenced 25 years of imprisonment for Christopher, Susan’s husband. 

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It is a crime series that focuses on the life of the killers as well as the police officers and lawyers pursuing the investigation of their case. The couple sort of creates a world of their own to escape from the reality and the crime they have committed. 

What does the actor have to tell about his role and the series? 

The actor says that Landscapers is undoubtedly one of the finest projects he has worked on for years. He adds that he enjoyed working on this series, and it seems magical to him. He is extremely excited to get on the project so that the world will also get to see its brilliance. 

Thewlis in Harry Potter and other projects

David Thewlis played the role of Professor Lupin in the Potter movies. After that, he got numerous offers and opportunities for some fantastic roles like VM Varga in the third season of Noah Hawley’s Fargo. He has also appeared in Wonder Woman as well as I’m Thinking of Ending Things and Rare Beasts.

Thewlis’ admiration towards the series sets high expectations and enthusiasm for the audience as well.

Let see how he plays his new role and stay tuned with us and follow the space for more updates.


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