The show that is based on the life of Queen Elizabeth II and the people around her has come under fire. The British Government had people have been calling for the branding of the show as fiction. Helena Bonham Carter has also joined them. What is wrong? Let’s find out together.


Helena Bonham Carter plays the part of Princess Margaret in the show that is four seasons long with season 4 being the latest. The show is famous and is known for mixing up the facts and fiction a little bit since its season one.

The fans were ok with this thing till season 4 came that specially focuses on the lives of Prince Charles and Princess Diana. According to the fans the things shown in the latest season are far from the reality and have only done the job of demeaning the lives of the Royal couple. Even the British Government thinks so and along with the fans has asked the show creators to include a disclaimer in the episodes.

Helena joined them by remarking that the show has an obligation to the audiences to mark itself as fiction. According to her the show is not a drama-doc but a pure drama. She shared this remark in The Crown: The Official Podcast. One thing to note is that the show itself never said that the things portrayed in it are 100% true but it also never said that it is 100% fiction and so the demand is legitimate given the things that are being shown in the show.

Do you think all this is a bit flared up or is it legitimate? Comment your views in the comment box.


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