Remember the reality show Keeping Up with The Kardashians? Yeah, I can guess what exactly came in your mind. Well, I hope this one will hopefully cut out all the fake dramas and fights. This reality show is not about some iconic rich family but about the girls of the D’Amelio family trying to wrap their teenage lives around the newfound fame.

On Tuesday that is 18th may, Hulu released the first teaser for a brand-new reality show starring Charli D’Amelio (Age 16) and her elder sister Dixie D’Amelio (Age 19), the famous social media celebrities with over hundreds of million followers. Charli has a goal to build up a successful career in Hollywood with her amazing dance skills, while on the other hand her sister Dixie desires to structure out her profession with her melodious voice. The D’Amelio Show is set to follow the sisters in L.A. where they will come across new people and make new friends. The teaser definitely showed Dixie’s protective nature over Charli and we hope to see more of the cute bonding between the sisters. This reality show will also center its attention to their parents who are there to guide them throughout their journey as life is not only about “Followers.”

Source: Seventeen Magazine

As the TikTok stars rise to stardom, this new Hulu reality series will observe them in their new challenges and opportunities. The plot is revolving around their lives in the spotlight and how exactly these two teens along with their parents, mother Heidi and father Marc work out the balance between fame and family!

Aforementioned, the series will premiere on Hulu. Though the docuseries is scheduled to debut this year, the release date of The D’Amelio Show is still unknown as the teaser clip mentioned “coming soon.”



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