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It is a well known fact that Pokémon can say their names. We have seen Pokémon communicating with the help of just two words: ‘pika’ and ‘chu’. But instead of just growling and vocalizing, only a few of these pocket monsters can speak human language. The extremely intelligent Slowking or some other handful of these creatures who are capable of telepathic communication can only speak apart from our legendary hero Pokémon. But there’s one more of these which can talk and he is: Meowth.

We are specifically talking about Team Rocket’s Meowth (voiced by Madeleine Blaustein), not just any other meowth in the series. This cat is indistinguishable from the others but the gold gem on its forehead makes it an exception. We have seen the bad antagonist group since the beginning of this series and this cat is the third member of that group. When the other two, Jessie (voiced by Rachael Lillis) and James (voiced by Eric Stuart) are dramatically introduced in the series, Meowth pops in to say: “Meowth, that’s right!”. Meowth has the ability to speak with humans and can also understand another Pokémon. It’s been 70 episodes in the Pokémon series and the writers of this anime have finally revealed as to why Meowth has the ability to speak his mind and it’s definitely not a happy story!

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Well, his story comes from the love and heartbreak genre. The episode named “Go West Young Meowth” we saw the comically bad three-member gang going for a trip to Hollywood and Meowth is far from any distraction by the lights of Hollywood, in fact he is seen to be in a dull and reminiscing mode and this followed by a flashback scene where Meowth is narrating his own story of the bad past. It was revealed that Meowth was young and alone, continuously struggling to survive and quench his hunger. He was tied up by some humans and was watching a movie where he decided that he has to get to Hollywood as it will be the one-way ticket to all his struggle and will find food. But that definitely was not the case when he arrived there, he met with more struggle rather than a comfortable life he dreamt of. He was lucky enough to be a part of a local gang but he needed love. Now enters Meowzie, a cute female version of Meowth and she is not a part of the local gang but is owned by a rich woman with a diamond encrusted pokéball. But she disregarded the poor Meowth because he can never fulfil her needs the way a human can. In the belief of winning back Meowzie, he learnt to speak human language and returned back her walking and talking like human yet she again rejected him for having no money and this left him sad which eventually made him bitter, entitled and hurt. This motivated him to join Team Rocket.

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