The DC Characters of The Flash Movie revealed new story possibilities

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Besides its link with Flashpoint, Ezra Miller’s The Flash is not very familiar. But his DC character cast may provide certain answers.

The Flash is little known, but the DC characters cast in the film can provide detailed information about the future narrative. The Flash is in production and director Andy Muschietti kept dressed up with different photos of the set, most recently an up-to-date shot of Flash’s trailer as well as Supergirl’s. These photos generated a constant mood in the production, while many aspects of the film are yet wrapped.

A trailer is unlikely to appear soon as a release date is set until November 2022. One may nevertheless predict that during this year’s DC FanDome 2021 Warner Bros. will be releasing his first teaser, which caught off its initial teaser last year.

While the narrative may not be known, FlashPoint, the popular and profitable comic book arc, is usually considered a loose adaption that saved Flash mother in time. This scenario has been previously adapted for Justice League animation: Flashpoint Paradox and CW TV programme The Flash. In fact, in 2020 last year, Muschietti commented directly on the relationship to Flashpoint for the next film, characterising it as “…an alternative Flashpoint version to the one you expect.” This is undoubtedly strengthened by the published casting and the lack of DCEU characters of the original tale of the Flashpoint by The Flash.

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There are rumours swirling, however, that everyone in the film is invited to attend from Aquaman to Cyborg. Furthermore, the speculations probably are based on the assertion that three characters (Aquaman, Wonder Woman and Cyborg) are needed to adapt Flashpin directly. The announced cast, instead, indicates a different kind of tale; one with a greater focus on the multiverse than Barry’s time-line involvement. This makes sense since Warner Bros. clearly tries to open the door for mainstream viewers to a multiversal movie world. A multiverse narrative for Flash is confirmed by the key confirmed actors.

Ben Affleck to returns as Bruce Wayne

The return of Michael Keaton as Batman may be the most shocking and thrilling part of The Flash, which has been the source of continuous speech for close to a year. Keaton, who had not appeared as Batman since Batman Returns in 1992, will continue to portray Batman in the Burton period.

While his whole outfit is yet unveiled, Muschietti published in all its black and yellow splendour a close-up picture of the suit’s bat emblem indicating that the suit resembles very similar to the legendary original. The picture apparently had droplets, although it is for discussion, of what seems to be blood. This tease probably suggests the nature of the role of Keaton in the film.

In the original narrative of Flashpoint Keaton is likely to stand for the part of Thomas Wayne. Thomas Wayne, Batman of Flashpoint, was an anti-hero with a gun fetish who aggressively slaughtered Gotham City criminals and almost killed Flash before eventually consenting to aid him. It says volumes that Keaton plays Thomas’ important part in aiding Flash to save the planet. It shows the focus of Flash on the multiverse rather than the time line. If this was only a chronology problem, like in Flashpoint, it would lead to a different Bruce or Thomas version, not a Keaton return from the multiverse, like Batman.

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Supergirl’s Confirmed DCEU Debut

Registrar Andy Muschietti took Instagram back in February 2021, revealing that Sasha Calle will play Supergirl in the film he was about to perform. After Helen Slater’s portrayal in Supergirl in 1984, Sasha Calle, a relatively unidentified playwright who’s killed on The Young and the Restless, would become just the second actress to represent Supergirl on a large screen.

Calle will also be the first ever DC Latina supergirl to provide the DCEU much-needed diversity. Although the performance of Calle will definitely be great, Supergirl was absolutely not expected to play the film in The Flash.

The role of Supergirl will be interesting to learn because the character is definitely not known for her Flashpoint role as more detail is revealed. This casting, on the other hand, corresponds to the notion that The Flash is focused on the multiverse.

So the question arises, what is the earth called home by this Supergirl? Based on the costume in Instagram Muschietti, it would be presumed, because the costumes seem very identical that Supergirl is on the same planet as Superman Cavill’s. But then this Supergirl is entirely probable from another reality. Nonetheless, Calle’s position as Supergirl is certainly an unknown aspect because there is no Flashpoint persona that will instantly match her.

Warner Bros. certainly has great ambitions for The Flash and its ultimate role in creating a new DCEU. The fact that so much mystery still remains about the actors and the narrative only shows the great extent of leaks. However, with relation to the narrative of the next picture, the cast announced and the cast unannounced say volumes. The video shows a film that will likely lead us deep into the multiverse and makes only sense in the light of the choice of Warner Bros. to go from ‘Snyderverse’ to movies like Matt Reeves’ The Batman and J.J. Abrams’ Superman’s.

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