The DCEU moments that will make you cringe hard


“Kal-El, no!” says Wonder Woman to Superman. According to critics, she is not considered one of her generation’s dramaturgy masters at this stage in her career. Her Wonder Woman relies more on physique and personality than suspending the audience’s disbelief, some could claim. Unfortunately, princess Diana of Themyscira in the DCEU doesn’t share Peter Parker’s neuroticism and relatability.

Gadot performs horrible acting every once in a while, and it just looks goofy. In both the 2017 and 2021 versions of “Justice League,” she reprimanded a rampaging, recently restored Superman with an overblown rebuke. However, when it comes to addressing him by his Kryptonian birth name, Wonder Woman’s decision at this point looks strange to Superman.

Both “Justice League” movies feature different takes of Wonder Woman screaming, “Kal-El, no!” Unfortunately, Gadot’s lousy acting and the writers’ sloppiness are likely to share some of the blame for this cringeworthy scene.

Batman discovers that Superman’s mother has the same name as his own. The two share the same last name. Batman is preparing to impale Superman on a kryptonite spear in “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.” Superman moans, and then he stops. Then he said, “You’re letting him kill Martha. Martha must be rescued!” So Batman flips the bird out of the sky.

Lex Luthor, who has held Martha Kent prisoner, is referred to as “him.” When Batman yells, “Why did you utter that name?!” as if he’s Cookie Monster and his archenemy has said, “cookie”, Martha barely seems to be in this movie. A version of this sequence that isn’t cringe-worthy can easily be imagined. You have to save my mother, thinking he’s about to die, Superman utters. Bruce Wayne asks, “Huh?” Superman says, “I don’t know what to do “Martha Kent is a famous actress. Martha Kent must be saved.” When Lois Lane arrives and explains Luthor’s plot, Batman is forced to take a break.

“BvS” has no place for peaceful thought under any circumstances because Snyder must push every scene of every movie as far over the top as it can go.

Dick Cheney is quoted by Batman. Vice President Dick Cheney left office in 2009 with a dismal popularity rating. Is it appropriate for a beloved superhero like Batman to parrot the words of a widely loathed politician? It’s not clear whether “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” agrees with that assessment.

“If we feel there is even a one per cent chance that he is our enemy, then we must accept it as a given,” Batman says in a scene DC chose to include in the trailer. Batman borrows an iconic Cheney comment, partly literally, from those who recall the post-9/11 political climate in the United States.

According to the veep, “If there’s even a one per cent chance that Pakistani scientists are assisting al-Qaeda to construct or develop nuclear weapons, we must consider it as a certainty in terms of our response” As a result, the hero in “BvS” speaks the words of a man whose opinions are immensely controversial. Whatever the story’s goal, it’s cringe-worthy.



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