After a long wait of 8 years, The Devil is a Part-Timer is back with its season-2. This anime is a light hearted comedy series released in 2013 but was not really popular at that time but, when Netflix purchased the show and streamed it on its platform it gained a massive amount of popularity and views. After the trailer released in March, the fans got to see that their favorite characters are back to rock and roll for the second season.

Based on Satoshi Wagahara’s novel, Hataraku Maō-sama!The Devil is a Part-Timer as the name suggests revolves around the devil known as Satan who was defeated in his own world by Hero Emilia Justina. He decides to go to Tokyo and lives with a human face and identity. In order to survive in the human world, he works at MgRonalds. Coming from an inhuman world, the devil definitely doesn’t know how to serve at the tables. The most hilarious part is to watch the devil learn human ways so as to not reveal who he really is.

Source: CBR

The Devil is a Part-Timer main characters include the following cast: Sadao Maou’s role played by Ryota Osaka, Emi Usa played by Yoko Hikasa, Yuuki Ono plays Shiro Asiya, Nao Toyama is playing Chiho Sasaki, Hiro Shimono is playing Hanzo Urushihara and Kanae Ito will be seen as Suzuno Kamazuki. Along with the main characters, there are major supporting characters like Rika Suzuki played by Asuka Nishi, Miki Shiba played by Kimiko Saito etc.

The first season of the anime series was produced by White Fox studios. Although there are no updates on the release date of the aforementioned series, it is highly anticipated that the series is set to premiere in 2022 on Netflix.



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