Shazam: Fury of the Gods director David F. Sandberg trolls fans with a poll asking them to select their fantasy cameo for the DC sequel.

Sandberg first joined DCEU with last year’s Shazam, a light-hearted adventure that played like a spiritual sequel to Tom Hanks’ Big. 

The film introduced Billy Batson (Asher Angel) to the world and discussed his back story after his unexpected possession of godlike abilities. In brief, when he says the word Shazam he becomes a fully-grown superhero (played by Zachary Levi).

Shazam was a modest hit for the DCEU, and soon the sequel was orange.

Creating a hype of shazam 2

At this point, relatively little is known about the second Shazam, because it is not planned for release until November 2022. Sandberg revealed that the film will concentrate more on Billy’s family now that they all have powers much like him. 

Fans are eager to see where the Wrath of the Gods is headed, particularly when it’s slowly heading past Billy’s roots.

Sandberg’s unquestionably hard at work in planning for the Wrath of the Gods, and he recently seemed to give viewers the chance to make a pivotal decision for the film by asking the views on social media.

Yes, the survey still looks as if someone is voting for the trucker. Honestly, this is a fairly fun game, even though some would be shocked that it’s not a serious survey. 

Considering the trend, The fans were expecting that Cavill will emerge in Wrath of the Gods, however, the stories revealing that the DC characters (if any) would appear in the series which is indeed opposite to the expectations of viewers.


One huge rival is Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam, one of Shazam’s greatest comics’ rivals. Regardless of what he does, fans are excited at the possibility of every DC character joining up with Billy and his family, even if they may not be super overjoyed if it turns out to be Superman II’s Truck Driver.

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