The divisive finale of Line of Duty Series 6 has now been defended by boss Jed Mercurio

Source: Digital Spy

The controversial series 6 finale seems to have been defended apparently by Line of Duty creator Jed Mercurio nothing the research of the audience. The research eventually suggested that opinion may get less divided and there surely is a possibility in there. The latest series had its highly-anticipated final episode airing over the weekend.

However, you all would agree with me that the general downer ending did not exactly land the right way as it should have been. To be honest, the connect was missing with the audience this time. Sadly! In addition to that, the big revelation about DS Ian Buckells just ended up with him being The Fourth Man or someone named ‘H’.

Source: Digital Spy

Social media had many fans criticizing the ending and in general the way the plot got shifted but Mercurio came to the rescue to specify that the general response is not limited to social media alone. The backlash was surely evident but we solely cannot take the opinion of those who make statements on social media alone. The audience research did give a positive thumbs up to the team, according to the creator.

The viewer score received for the episodes were fair enough and certainly looking at the same, no one would have guessed the show would be getting such backlash. Thus, this certainly shows that a few opinions have muddled up something somewhere and everything is apparently divided. The ratings he was talking about have not been taken from sites like IMDb, instead they have used polling results that were executed randomly with the viewers so that the motivated individuals who just seek a chance to hate on a film don’t get the opportunity to do so.


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