It seems that the viewers are going to see some serious drama in the British Television series ‘Coronation Street’. 

One of the show’s characters named Tim Metcalfe has been found accused of having relations with the gangster’s husband. 

Tim has pushed himself into big trouble this time as on one hand he is found accused and on the other, he has affair with a dangerous gangster’s husband.

All you need to know

Coronation Street’s Tim affair with the gangster’s husband is the talk of the canter in the show. Tim Metcalfe played by Joe Duttine is the center of the whole chaos which lies on the cobbles of Todd Grimshaw’s return in the continued consequences. 

 In the show, Todd has already made an enemy of the gangster named Mick Costello. He has theft the money from Mick and now he is his enemy. 

We have seen them as a pair of lovers once but now Todd has made a brave move by doing cheating with him which turned the pair of lovers into enemies.

Todd and his mum Eileen are pissed off by the troubles Mick has made recently. 

In the next week’s episode, stories are that we will see Eileen taking action against Mick as she will call him through streetcar numbers and will try to threaten him with Police.

But here comes the twist, Mick’s husband Erik answered Eileen’s call and heads toward the street to find out the whole matter. Erick makes a wrong assumption he thinks Tim is calling Erik’s wife and having affair with his husband.

Now Eileen is feeling ashamed of her actions and with no surprise, on the other hand, Tim is perplexed by the accusations made by Erik. And now Eileen is trying to make Erik realize that she is the one who has made the call and not her son Tim. Well, Eileen has put herself in the trouble and Erik is not using his brain too.

Eileen finally comes to a decision. She makes Erik and Mick realize that the real culprit is Todd by reading them the riot act. She tells them about Todd who is the center point of all these troubles. So, they should not waste their time or energy here.

Seems like Mick is going to play a major role in this, it is he who has to decide if he wants to end the bitterness or not.

On that note, lets wait and watch for the next step of action. Until then, enjoy reading updates with us!


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