The Duchess: Release Date, Upcoming Season, and More!


The Duchess was just released a week before on 11th September with its 6 episodes on Netflix. It is a British comedy television series based on a single mother. The series was created and acted by Katherine Ryan.

There are only 15 reviews online and 53%  reviews in rotten tomato. Katherine Ryan had tried to make the situations funny with numerous jokes in the series. People would love to see the Duchess.

The Duchess series story so far :

The series was about a single mother Katherine who loved her daughter Olive and was ready to do anything for her happiness. On the other hand, she had feared to have any serious relationship with any man.

On Olive’s continuous pressure to have a brother or sister Katherine tried out some methods to have a baby. At last, she went to her ex-partner, with the request. Both of them decided to go ahead with the plan. 

The series ended with Katherine delivering a baby and Shep’s girlfriend was also seen pregnant with his baby. 

Is season 2 will be soon there on the screen: 

As the Duchess was ended with some unanswered questions, season 2 will be there soon.

In an interview, Katherine Ryan said that she will portray her daughter Olive’s character in part 2. Olive will be entering into adolescence.

As a mother, how she will save her family since she was seen breaking up with her boyfriend and her ex-partner had also settled down with his girlfriend. 

Currently, the pandemic situation of Coronavirus has made the situation a bit tight; it will be difficult to comment when the second series would come. But according to the sources, it will take more than a year so we can hope to see the second season in the mid-year of 2021.

The cast:

The main character of the series would remain the same in the second season as well.

  • Katherine Ryan as Katherine.
  • Rory Keenan as Shep, Olive’s father.
  • Katy Byrne as Olive.

We are hoping to see some new characters in the next season.

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