The dumbest episode of Rick and Morty season 5 has been just aired.


In an exhibition in which Slut Dragons and Jellybean Kings are commonplace, Rick and Morty are easily dismissed as a stupid, rude cartoon. However, it is evident to anyone who has looked adequately through an episode that Rick and Morty are often so much more than that. We mention “typically” that since a fan might ask this claim for season 5’s latest episode.

‘Rickdependence spray’ begins by banging Morty with a breeding mount for horse sperm collection in his mum’s place of work. Nor once. And not only once. The “filthy little puppy” always has sex with him. Then, one week in the morning, the “horse” sperm is used to make a weapon to kill CHUDs, the cannibals, who live underground. Rick abruptly interrupted these schedules.

Strangely enough, that isn’t the strangest set-up that Rick and Morty’s ever saw. But then the semen of Morty by accident leads to the development of the space sperm killer, and that’s it. Throw a few action-movie tropes together with gigantic infant incest, and that is the heart and soul of this episode.

‘AKA Morty’s Narnia escape is the whole of the Decoy family’s mind twisted. It’s a universe away from the first two episodes of five seasons. Both took and ran with a difficult scientific premise, extending stories in what Den of Geek cutely calls a “sci-fi puzzle box” approach to narrative to its most ludicrous conclusion.

If such episodes succeed, Rick and Morty are among the best they can provide. However, occasionally, when it is primarily silly, Rick and Morty shine most brightly. For example, recall that the great musician Ice-T is an anthropomorphic letter on the planet Alphabetrium when we found out? It is stupid, but it is also amusing since Rick and Morty are, for the most part, incredibly clever in foolish humour.

We spent most of this episode waiting for Rick to declare that he was aware of what Morty did and that he developed the killer sperm for a lesson to be taught to his grandson. It’s a narrative with which this programme has previously toyed. That would have made it somewhat predictable, but at least this sort of surprise would have offered an additional dimension. Instead, that is only about the murderous sperm of Morty impregnating the gigantic egg of Summer’s size. And this sounds just like stupid (and disgusting).


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