THE ETERNALS TEASER TRAILER: Only true marvel fans will notice this!

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May 24th, 2021 was the date when Marvel dropped the teaser for ‘The Eternals’ months before the movie was to be released which was officialized with the mention of the month of November, 2021. After introducing the Avengers as the Guardians of Galaxy, Marvel is back to introduce its yet another team of Eternals. The trailer kick starts by giving us the idea of the humans oldest age of civilization and the arrival of Eternals. Speaking of the Eternals as per the comic books, a long time ago Marvel’s ancient and powerful beings named Celestials created a race of immortal cosmic humanoids called Eternals along with humans and Deviants which are “mankind’s most ancient enemies.”

“The End of the World” (1962) song by Skeeter Davis is heard in the background which is suggesting that the Deviants have arrived on the earth and are set to end it, which can only be stopped by these cosmic humanoids, The Eternals. A strange rectangular and scientific spacecraft is seen to be descending upon the humans of old age and the Eternals are soon revealed to be inside it. Sersi is observed talking to Ikaris as if he’s never been to earth before.

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In the teaser trailer, Ajak says, “We have helped them progress” an Eternal is handing out beautiful dagger to a human which symbolizes that the Eternals are giving an idea of technology to the humans which make them believe that they are made to do a lot more than just survive or maybe the humans are passed on the Bronze age after the Stone age. At the 1:07 mark, Makkari is reading a book and from the scene we can see a gold statue that reads ‘SPQR’ which is an abbreviation for “Senātus Populusque Rōmānus,” or it means “the Senate and People of Rome” which may signify that the Eternals never left earth and they were living among them but never interfered in human’s way of living.

Marvel haven’t released anything regarding the Deviants although some mysterious faces are seen which are definitely teasing the fans in the Trailer.

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