The Falcon and the Winter Soldier: Delayed or cancelled?


The Falcon and the winter soldier is an American based mini web T.V. series for which every fan of the Marvel comics was excited about. Now, it looks like their dream of seeing back the superheroes will come true but after a little delay due to this pandemic situation. 

As a piece of information, it is Created by Malcolm Spellman and made for Disney plus and obviously the series is based on the characters from Marvel comics Sam Wilson/ Falcon and Bucky Barnes/ Winter Soldier. 

The series is produced by marvel studios and is set up in the Marvel cinematic universe as it shows the events after the 2019 Avengers Endgame where Mackie’s Character Sam Wilson was given the shield of Captain America by Steve as both Sam and Bucky will become a team and take on the commitment by keeping their differences apart. 

This series is intended to be the first series to be released in phase four of the MCU. 

Everyone knows how much great Director Kari Skogland is and with Spellman being the Head writer, has raised the hopes of Marvel fans all over the world. But their hopes might get a little disappointed because of the delays in the release of the series on Disney plus.

The delays are caused by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic which has lead to a stop in production of the series since the start of the year. It is also expected that the release date could be shifted to 2021, which is very disappointing for the fans and the flatform because we all knew that Disney has been working with Marvel studios for a long time to come up with a number of limited series for Disney plus which was centered around focusing on the characters of MCU films. 

The delay in their first project could lead to a disaster for Disney plus and is not good news at all.

As per the news, there have been no confirmations of its release date but the series could go on to release in 2021 due to delays in production and incompleted shooting. Its delay will have a huge effect on other Marvel series like Wanda vision and Hawkeye that will be experiencing the ill effects of the delays.

Cast and Characters of the series.

The cast includes:-

Anthony Mackie as Sam Wilson/ Falcon

Sebastian Stan as Bucky Barnes/ Winter Soldier.

Daniel Bruhl as Berum Helmet Zemo.

Emily Vancamp as Sharon Carter.

Wyatt Russell as John walker.

Additionally, Adepero Oduye, Desmond Chiam, Miki Ishikawa, Noah Mills and Carl Lumbly have also been cast but their roles have been kept undisclosed.

So till the time, we all have to wait very patiently for any official news by the marvel studios and directors of this amazing series as it will be really exciting to see how Captain America’s shield will be used. So, till them stay home and stay safe. Adios!



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