The Falcon and The Winter Soldier May Have Already Cast Sam Wilson’s Replacement


By the end of Avengers: Endgame, we saw how Captain America made Sam Wilson the new Captain America (You can find the scene here-

But of course, the US government did not like that and had to make one of their own men the next superhero. And they chose John Walker, aka the US Agent.

But in his time as Captain America, Sam Wilson manages to rescue Joaquin, a mexican immigrant who is made into a half falcon by the Serpent Society. With the fall of that evil organization, Joaquin Torres becomes the new Falcon (hence officially replacing Sam’s position) and joins the new captain.

At least this was what happened in the comics. This backstory would be tweaked for the sake of the MCU but let’s hope the character is as close to the one in the comic as possible as the new Falcon was well loved by the fans.

It has been announced that Danny Ramirez has been added to the cast of this new film and it has led many to believe if he is being casted as Joaquin. Though Ramirez is considerably older than Joaquin, let’s hope he does the role justice.

With such developments in store, we can see a new generation of superheroes in making. It’s sad to say goodbye to the og heroes but the new instalments have made it easier.

You can catch a glimpse of Sam Wilson practising to wield Captain America’s shield in this video-

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