The Falcon and The Winter Soldier’s Sebastian Stan’s desire is to feature as WWE legend Ric Flair

Courtesy: Digital Spy

Who doesn’t want to step up and get into the WWE Universe? Well, we do not know about the others, but we have definitely got one interesting candidate to do the honours. It is none other than The Falcon and The Winter Soldier star Sebastian Stan who has recently revealed his desire of stepping out of the MCU and being a part of the WWE Universe.

He has revealed that he would love to play WWE legend Ric Flair in a biopic, alongside his I, Tonya xo-star Paul Walter Hauser who would be playing the role of Arn Anderson. Stan has been currently featuring in the Marvel series on Disney+.

He was sent a question by Hauser during his interview with Collider who certainly wanted to know when was the time they would get to work together again. He answered saying that both of them have been wrestling fans growing up and that it would be so great to do Ric Flair/ Anderson biopic together (in a funny way though).

Courtesy: Digital Spy

He further added that both of them are quite suitable for a kip-up. Thus, he feels that he would be the right fit for the legend Ric Flair and also explained that if they let him do it, he’ll be more than grateful for it and is now certainly looking forward to being eligible for the role. But there’s an inner story here.

If Stan agrees to play the role of Flair then he would be the second member of the MCU Universe to step foot into the WWE Universe and play a WWE Hall of Famer. Who is the first one you ask? It is Chris Hemsworth who is currently gearing up to play the role of Hulk Hogan.


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