R.L. Stine’s hit teen book series is brought to life by this new trilogy of films named “Fear Street.” The films follow the residents of Shadyside who are enduring the centuries-old curse of the town, but some of the determined and courageous teens of Shadyside are now on it to put an end to this past which keeps repeating itself in bloody ways. Each “Fear Street” film takes place at a distinct point in time. There are many legends about the horror of the town but the truth is even darker.

Let’s have a look at some of the glorious details of this amazing trilogy. Spoilers ahead!

The legend story which started it all

In 1989, R.L. Stine released the first installment of the book series under the name “The New Girl.” The story follows the arrival of a mysterious new high school student named Anna and the boy named Cory is charmed by her. But the way things are appearing to be they are not like that as there is no record of her at the school and her own family claiming Anna was dead, the creepy things happening in Cory’s life had him convinced he’d just fallen in love with a ghost. Of course, Cory had to find out the truth about Anna before it was too late.

The other legend which the book sees is the bitter family feud between the Goodes and the Fiers. After a poor Goode daughter fell in love with a wealthy Fier son, she and her mother were unjustly persecuted for witchcraft by the boy’s father in order to avoid a marriage between the families. But what the Fiers didn’t know was that a surviving member of the Goode clan really was practicing witchcraft, and thanks to vengeful Goode curse, the Fiers brought their personal frightfest right along with them to Shadyside.

The terror of the Shadyside

In “Part One,” we meet a group of teens who are very familiar with the legend of the vengeful witch, Sarah Fier. The teens accidentally stumble upon Sarah Fier’s abandoned corpse but some past images tell them otherwise about Sarah. They have no choice but to seek out the truth of this long-lived legend once and for all. The old story goes by revealing that Sarah Fier was hanged in 1666. The Shadyside lore says that she was a witch who used to possess and manipulate innocent citizens to be killers. By the end of “Part Three,” though, it becomes clear that this story is false, and the real people responsible for the town’s troubles are still out pumping the Fier witch narrative as a cover for their own malevolence.

It was also revealed that Sarah Fier was actually not a witch, just a young woman who had a secret romance with a pastor’s daughter. Instead, it was her closest friend, Solomon Goode (Ashley Zukerman), who secretly struck up a deal with the devil to turn his own rotten luck around.


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