THE FINAL CALL Season 2: Did Krishnamurthy get his new disciple??Spoilers, Release, Plot, And All New Update.


 We all enjoyed watching the TV web series the Final Call which was based on the novel called I Will Go with You: The Flight of a Lifetime, written by the author Priya Kumar. The series received favorable reviews from the critics and audiences for its character’s performances, screenplay, and direction. On IMDb, it is rated 7.3/10 by critics as well as audiences. This has induced the production company to try for renewing the second installment but now yet renewed. 

So, it might be the upcoming sequel to the first installment of the Final Call by sticking to the genre again of serial drama, thriller, and philosophy.  Let’s move forward to learn more information related to the second season of The Final Call!


In season 2, we saw that the main plot relies on where the passengers of a plane from Mumbai to Sydney, were endangered only because the captain decides to suicide on board. The main characters are shown with a dark and light side. We saw the light side of V. Krishnamurthi who even knowing its destiny of death decided to assist the lives of the passengers and the dark side of Karan Sachdev that it wasn’t able to deal with its depression. 

If there will be season 2, we’ll know more about the past and abilities of V. Krishnamurthi and its disciplines related to astrology. And also the deeper side of Kiran Mirza and Karan Sachdev and their personal lives. So Fans just hold on your patience for a longer time till some news of the second season getting renewed.

THE FINAL CALL Season 2: Did Krishnamurthy get his new disciple??Spoilers, Release, Plot, And All New Update.


The main cast might be reprising their roles of Arjun Rampal as Captain Karan Sachdev, Neeraj Kabi as V. Krishnamurthi, Harshad Arora as Abhimanyu Sahai, Javed Jaffrey as Siddharth Singhania, Anupriya Goenka as Pari, Sakshi Tanwar as ATC Kiran Mirza, Vipin Sharma as ATS Chief Kale, Paula McGlynn as Sarah Parker, Anshuman Malhotra as Dhruv Sehgal, and Vineet Sharma as Jaikrit Tyagi. 

There are many possibilities of new supporting characters to enter and old characters to the only cameo in the second season if and only if it’s happening.


 As we know the writer is said to be writing a new story regarding the sequel of the Final Call. The news of the second season renewal will get us till the end of 2020. So, fans can expect the show at the end of 2021 or even further. 



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