The first chapter of the new horror trilogy will premiere this Friday

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See the first trailer for Fear Street, Part 1: 1994, below for a look at the horror film on Netflix! Fans of R.L. Stine won’t have to wait long for Netflix’s Fear Street Part 1 update: 1994.The next horror film is the first in a trilogy based on R.L. Stine’s best-selling horror series of the same name. The first season of the adaptation trilogy, released in 1994, was followed by a group of Shadyside teenagers who unintentionally met an ancient bad responsible for a series of brutal killings in town over three centuries.

The three horror films will be released on Netflix in three parts in July, with the first part premiering on July 2. Over a three-week period.

Director’s say

“It’s a dream come true that people will now be able to experience the store in the same way – back to back and forth with only a week between,” said director Leigh Janiak. “We shot all three Fear Street films in one crazy, bloody summer. 

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Netflix’s books will be adapted for a more mature audience, and despite the fact that the original work was written for teenagers, the three chapters of this trilogy are rated R-s. The new trailer shows how Fear Street Part 1 expands in 1994 to cover many horrific deaths during the Shadyside series killer outbreak. This trailer also introduces us to the harrowing events of Part One: 1994, which featured a serial murderer who was recruited by an ancient witch to work in the city of Shadyside.

Fear Street starting this week

Fear Street, which will premiere on Friday nights starting this week, will be divided into three parts that will explore the terror that has plagued a small city for centuries. Each chapter of the trilogy says something different, but they all point to the same source of evil, and viewers who see all three films will have a better understanding of Shadysidus’ dark past.

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