The first trailer of Heels shared by Arrow’s Stephen Amell

Source: Screen Rant

The first trailer of Arrow actor Stephen Amell’s upcoming wrestling drama Heels was shared by the actor himself. Amell would be seeing playing the bad guy wrestler’s role in the movie. It will be the character of Jack Spade (the heel) who would be witnessed feuding tightly with his brother Ace (character played by Vikings’ Alexander Ludwig), who is apparently the face.

Amell’s character was heard conversing with his brother wherein he says that his brother is a washed-up quarterback who could not really play in college. The brothers are then showed inside and outside the ring. The plot revolves around these two brothers who end up finding themselves at war over their late father’s legacy.

Source: Digital Spy

This upcoming project is known to have been set in Georgia. In addition to the two lead actors, the former WWE Superstar CM Punk would also feature in Heels. However, mind you, it is a role that is defined to be as-yet-undisclosed role. Heels would be premiering on Starz on the 15th of August in the US. When it comes to its UK broadcaster, there has not been any substantial news out there.

The independent wrestler once made a statement that “I almost want people to see it without me explaining really anything else. It’s pretty out there, at least when you think in terms of Phil Brooks or CM Punk, this is not who you think of”. The actor further continued that “And obviously that’s the fun thing about acting, you get to play different characters and be different people. But I’ve known this character in many different iterations in hundreds of different locker rooms across the world.”


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