The Flash boss confirms character’s fate after season 7 premiere

Courtesy: Digital Spy

The Flash boss Eric Wallace has opened up about the fate of a major character following season 7’s dramatic premiere.

The Arrowverse series made its long-awaited return last night (March 2), having been off air for the longest time since its 2014 debut due to pandemic-related filming delays and rewrites.

Titled ‘All’s Well That Ends Wells’, the episode saw Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) and co seek out a power source for their artificial Speed Force. And it didn’t take them long to deduce that their best bet was harnessing the multiversal particles in Nash Wells’ body, courtesy of the many Wellses living in his brain

But when they learned that the particles were too unstable to be used on their own, Nash (Tom Cavanagh) sacrificed himself so that Barry could regain his speed.

Actor exits aren’t always as simple as that when it comes to The Flash, mind, and while the characters aren’t aware that the multiverse is still a thing, audiences know different.

With that, Wallace assures that Cavanagh will still be a part of the show going forward, and such a fact is unlikely to come as a shock to fans considering how “we’ve already seen there’s an infinite number of Wellses”.

Talking to Entertainment Weekly, he added: “Just because they’re all dead doesn’t mean that should change. Tom has more to do in season 7 – much more to do.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Wallace shed some light on Nash’s reasons for dying in the name of the greater good and how he was trying to “make amends for the biggest mistake one can possibly make, which is causing all of the worlds to die” in the ‘Crisis on Infinite Earths’ crossover.

Courtesy: Digital Spy

“Being kind of taken over by the Anti-Monitor…” he continued. “What he’s doing here is he’s taking, from my point of view, the greatest superhero in the Arrowverse, the Flash, and enabling him once again to do his job.

“There could be no greater way to honour and make amends than doing that. But also on a micro level, it’s about showing Allegra [Kayla Compton] that he can change and be a better person. That was really important because his death has an effect on Allegra moving forward, and it’s a positive one, not a negative one.”


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