The Flash Star To Return After Exit Scenes, Says Report

Source: TV Insider

Carlos Valdes, an original cast member of The Flash, has stated that fans of the program haven’t seen the last of his character Cisco.

Valdes’ parting sequences were officially seen in this week’s episode ‘Good-Bye Vibrations,’ when he departed the Central City squad to work for ARGUS in Star City.

However, Valdes has now confirmed that Cisco will not be leaving Team Flash for long, he will return for the two-part season finale to assist Barry and company with a case.

“It’s really gratifying and fulfilling to get to say a big fat farewell but then swoop in as a surprise at the side to ensure the squad takes down on a formidable opponent,” he told EW.

Source: Screen Rant

The seventh season of the CW program has also seen the departure of another original cast member, Tom Cavanagh, who has played many different versions of Harrison Wells across the Worlds of DC universe.

Cavanagh, like Valdes, has stated that he is more than happy to return to The Flash for a guest appearance whenever the writers require it.

“I’m certainly suggesting this will occur, although [Arrowverse EP] Greg [Berlanti] and I’ve always believed because when Grant [Gustin] decides to leave the show, it’ll be difficult to conceive anything other than ‘Batman comes back home to Joker,’ and Flash and Reverse-Flash settle things,” the actor stated.

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