The Flight Attendant – Take you to the airport in this hard time!

'The Flight Attendant': Kaley Cuoco on the 'Huge Twist' No One Will See Coming
'The Flight Attendant': Kaley Cuoco on the 'Huge Twist' No One Will See Coming

Hello everyone! As usual, u came at the right door. Here, you will get all the information about the brand new upcoming show The Flight Attendant. It is an upcoming spick-and-span web television miniseries based on a novel of the same name written by Chris Bohjalian. This is a thrilling drama series directed by Stave Yockey and starring a popular American producer and actress Kaley Christine Cuoco.

Thrilling Airing!

In this a flight is going towards its destination Bangkok, and in between an attendant named Cassandra Bowden found a dead body lying next to herself in the morning. In that horrible situation she afraid and  doesn’t call to the police. Rather than calling she continues her morning as like nothing happened. She with the help of another attendant hide that body and when they reach New York, the mysterious and interrogation begins. Hence, to know who’s dead body that was and who killed her and who put that body next to the attendant and so on, you must watch the thrilling cliffhanger show. 

What about airing!

Badly, the proper release date was still unpacked because due to the COVID-19 pandemic, last two episodes of the show were under production. On 12 March 2020, Warner Bros. Television shut down the production and that two resumed episodes were resumed on 31 August 2020. So, maybe we’ll get its first brand new eight episodes season in the month of December 2020 on HBO Max.

What about Casting!

New show will definitely have brand new casting. The lead role of Cassandra Bowden or Cassie is performed by one of the famous actress Kaley Cuoco. Some other main characters are;     Michelle Gomez as Miranda, Colin Woodell as Buckley, Merle Dandridge as Kim, Nolan Gerard Funk as Van, Rosie Perez as Megan Briscoe and so on!

To know proper release date of this thrilling show just stay calm, safe and tuned!


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