The French Revolution – Brand-spanking historic movie was premiered on Netflix!


Welcome back history lovers! Yes, today we’re going to take you hundred years back at the time of French Revolution! Most of us heard about the French Revolution in our school life and at that time we used to find it very boring but our creative directors can sketch a movie on any difficult topic.

Today, we’ll put a glance on an epic historical newest movie named La Revolution which was just released on the best streaming platform Netflix. And today we with Netflix came to remind you to watch out the amazing historic movie!

La Revolution is a French-language supernatural drama series of 2020, sketched on the topic French Revolution and today, we’ll show why this French-series is worth watching!

Let’s start with the show’s synopsis!

The story takes you back in 1787, where nonstop mysterious murders are going on and investigators are trying to find out the real reason behind the terrific murders. After sometimes, an investigator discovers the existence of a horrible virus named “blue blood” which has devastating effects and spreads drastically amongst the French aristocracy and kills people.

This life threatening disease not only kills people but also leads to a rebellion French Revolution! Isn’t it a remarkable and worthy show to watch in this Halloween! So, go and grab every major detail about the French Revolution in an interesting way! 

What about the airing!

The first season of La Revolution was scripted and directed by Aurelien Molas and released on 16th October 2020 on Netflix with eight terrific and fascinating episodes titled as The Beginning, The Revenant, The Innocents, The Executioners, The Bly Blood, The Alliance, The Dilemma and last but not the least, The Rebellion!

This pack of eight episodes will definitely blossom your Halloween and pandemic scenario, and those who watched its first installment are eagerly waiting for its second season! 

What about casting of the terrific dramatic Revolution!

Amazing casting members of this newest series includes, Amir El Kacem as Joseph Ignace Guillotine who was a French physician, Doudou Masta as Oka, Marilou Aussilloux as Elise de Montargis, Laurent Lucas as Charles de Montargis, Gaia Weiss as Marianne, Amelia Lacquemant as Madeleine, Coline Beal as Ophelie and so on! 

Hence, our lovely readers go and watch this 17th century revolution and don’t forget to share your experience with us! Further stay tuned and connected to know about more scintillating shows! 


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