The future of The Good Doctor beyond Season 4

Source: Digital Spy

The fate of The Good Doctor series has finally been revealed as the show would be officially returning for yet another season (Season five). In terms of viewing figures, Freddie Highmore’s medical drama is considered to be the network ABC’s third most popular title. It is currently behind Grey’ Anatomy and Station 19 and is now confirmed to return for yet another season on social media in a post.

The show’s social media account revealed that they would be returning with the cast for another season. The fourth season of the show is still in the pipeline and is airing. The next episode would be that of Dr. Ted wherein he will be examining Shaun Murphy who has been struggling with his role as Lea Dilallo’s partner. This is when his medical instincts kick in due to the apparent complications in the pregnancy.

Source: Deadline

However, the initial plan of action was not this. The Good Doctor producer Daniel Dae Kim revealed that the initial plan of action was for an Asian actor to lead the series in entirety but this plan went in a totally different direction when another showrunner was brought onboard with the team.

He said, “When you start working with a showrunner, it has to be a proper meeting of the minds because he’s the one that will be running the show every day. And so he had to have a level of comfort with it.”

Here, the producer was talking about David Shore with whom he happened to strike a conversation regarding the showrunning business. The producer further added, “I’m not going to say he was the one that wanted a white lead, but I will say that it became less clear to him how an Asian lead would work.”


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