The Genetic Detective Season 2: Netflix Release Date Should Know About Its Renewal And Date!!!


Here is the great news for the people who love the “The Genetic Detective” which is a documentary series of true crime. It shows a great technology using in genetic genealogy. For the new viewers who don’t know details about this show it uses the DNA sample which is taken from the crime scene and then it searches it in a genetic database. 

Forensics use the family tree and relatives to catch the suspect by genetic stans. After they are able to track the culprit to a crime investigation. The first season of this show got outstanding reviews because of the potential work they did and people are hoping this in next season.

“Releasing Date of the Genetic Detective Season 2” 

Season 1 of The Genetic Detective was on air on 26 May 2020 at 10 pm at Eastern time on ABC. It shows the 6 episodes and completes the shows on 30 June 2020. The viewership per episode is around 2.8 million per episode which is considering first outing. People are waiting for the official announcement within the next few weeks. We are expecting that season 2 of “The Genetic Detective” is coming in May 2021.

The Genetic Detective Season 2: Netflix Release Date Should Know About Its Renewal And Date!!!

Host in the “The Genetic Detective Season 2”

In this season the CeCe Moore who is a professional in her work in a genealogist in genetics. She has also been seen and hosted the season 1and people will expect her to come back in season 2 as well. Miss Moore is also shown in the following tv shows like ‘Genealogy Roadshow’ and ‘Finding Your Roots’. She is an expert in tracking criminals by using genetic profiling to track down the criminal. The Parabon NanoLabs units hold an impressive record of cracking down on cold cases and active cases over the years.

The cast of the Genetic Detective Season 2

 In this season the well-known cast of the genetic detective season you know is CeCe Moore, Lisa Collins, Ellen Greytak these are new faces recurring in season 2.

Stay tuned with us to know more about season 2 of the genetic detective.


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