The Gilmore Girls Secret Matt Czuchry Refuses to Spill!!

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The Gilmore Girls is an American comedy-drama series written by Amy Sherman-Palladino which started back in 2000 and ran for seven long seasons. The show’s revival took place on Netflix in 2016, and there are still many questions that are unanswered. Matt Czuchry knows them, and he says he will never spill out this one thing about the show. The show has a lot of twists and turns as The Gilmore Girls fans know. The revival ended with Rory telling about the baby to her mom, but she failed to tell her who the baby’s daddy is.  

What Matt Cruchry has to say?

In an interview with Us Weekly, Matt Cruchry was asked about this secret, but he didn’t tell the media, instead, he said that he knows who the baby’s dad is, but he will never disclose this even though Amy Sherman-Palladino has no objection with that, but he chose to speak nothing on that. 

He adds that it is not his secret, so he has no right to disclose anything. Moreover, executive producer Amy and Palladino told him who the father was, and they said he could tell it to anyone he wanted. 

Not just media, but Cruchry’s friends and family are also trying to pull the secret out of his head, but he has just simply sealed his lips. He said one of his friend’s wife who is a huge fan of The Gilmore Girls even tried to ply him with drinks in hope that he might say anything about the big secret. 

Even though Matt is silent, fans are still sure that Logan is Rory’s baby’s father

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Fans are pretty sure that it is Logan. Even though he is Rory’s ex, but both of them were seen hanging out together throughout the revival. It can be hard to digest for some people as Logan is engaged to someone else, and Rory broke every bond with her in the previous episode before he revealed her pregnancy to her mom. 

There are also two other possibilities, one is Rory’s Wookiee one-night stand or her boyfriend Paul. There are fewer chances of Paul being the father because she hardly cares about him, and most of the time she forgets that they are dating, so Logan is the most highly expected candidate. 

However, no one from the show revealed who the father was, and this mystery is left unsolved. So let’s stay connected to get more updates.


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