The Good Doctor season 4 spoilers follow.

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The Good Doctor included a major bend for Shaun and Lea in the most recent season 4 scene, ‘Minuscule Blue Eyes’.

Lea recently told the specialist that she was pregnant with his child, with the show at that point investigating how they settled on the most ideal choice for them.

After the two of them talked about through their issues together, Lea trusted in Claire, and Shaun addressed Doctor Glassman.

Returning together, and talking through the advantages and disadvantages of beginning a family, Lea said that she had such a large number of questions and the choice was made.

Paige Spara, who plays Lea, disclosed to TVLine: “I was eager to investigate how Lea and Shaun would deal with such unexpected news.

Source: Good Housekeeping

“Turning out to be pregnant has such countless degrees of feelings one proceeds with themself and with their accomplice. To jump into something so profoundly close to home and groundbreaking is [compelling].”

Talking about what future scenes for the couple hold, she said: “In evident Lea-and-Shaun structure, we will cover the experience consistent with the establishment of their relationship, which is [with] complete trustworthiness.”

Spara additionally applauded entertainer Freddie Highmore and chief maker David Shore for how the storyline was taken care of.

“I needed to ensure I was addressing the entirety of the feelings Lea was feeling,” she said.

“I feel that it is critical to pass on – that these feelings can exist simultaneously. [Lea] is really attempting to deal with her feelings, however what’s best for the child and Shaun’s life too.”

She added: “David Shore investigated both Lea and Shaun’s feelings without it truly feeling unequal.”


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