The Good Karma Hospital Season 4 Casting, Storyline and details we know so far


For a long time, fans have been waiting for news regarding The Good Karma Hospital season 4, and we were all delighted when ITV revealed that production had finally begun! Dan Sefton’s warm-hearted yet tragic drama, set in Southern India and shot on location in Sri Lanka, garnered an average of 5.9 million viewers during Series 3 last year.

The medical program follows Ruby Walker, a young doctor who left the UK to start a new life in India at The Good Karma Hospital, an under-resourced and overworked cottage hospital headed by an eccentric English ex-pat, Dr. Lydia Fonseca.

What’s the expected release date for The Good Karma Hospital Season 4?

Principal filming began in October 2021, and ITV has stated that the show will return in 2022. We’ll notify you once we have a definite release date.

Who will be cast for The Good Karma Hospital Season 4?

Dr Lydia Fonseca, Ruby Walker’s mentor and the manager of day-to-day operations at The Good Karma Hospital, will be played by Amanda Redman (Sexy Beast & New Tricks), while Ruby will be played by Amrita Acharia (The Sister & Game of Thrones).

Neil Morrissey (Line of Duty, Men Behaving Badly) will return as Greg McConnell, the local bar owner and Lydia’s lover, while Darshan Jariwala will repeat his role as Dr Ram and Nimmi Harasgama will reprise her part as Nurse Mari.

Harki Bhambra (Our Girl, Call The Midwife) joins the cast as a series regular, playing the high-flying and charming Dr Samir Hasan, a British Asian surgeon who has left Britain for India for reasons that are too painful to discuss.

Rebecca Ablack (Ginny & Georgia & Let It Snow) also appears as the confident and vibrant Dr Nikita ‘Niki’ Sharma, a young, freshly trained doctor whose father is a highly successful surgeon in Kochi and has required that all of his children spend a year doing something ‘tough.’

Meanwhile, guest performers Raquel Cassidy (Downton Abbey and Teachers), Ace Bhatti (Line of Duty, Baptiste & Alex Rider), Connor Catchpole (Enola Holmes & Pursuit of Love), Chetna Pandya (Feel Good & This Way Up), and Jonas Khan (Our Girl & The Ipcress File) will appear in important storylines.

What’s the plotline for The Good Karma Hospital Season 4?

As the stories progress across the three seasons, we witness Ruby’s job pressure at NHS become too much for her, and she loses the love of her life. All of this crushes her soul, so she chooses to relocate to India, leaving behind her lucrative job, in order to reignite her enthusiasm for her profession.

We, the audience, watch her overcome every adversity and evolve in her dealings with others. Season 3 is mostly focused on Dr. Gabriel Varma and Ruby’s romance. There’s also Ruby’s growing relationship with her long-lost father. Season 3 also saw the introduction of the acid attack segment. As a result, expect a lot of emotions, turmoil, and warmth this time as well.


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