The Good Place Season 5 has high chances to roll


The Good Place, an American fantasy TV series that plays on Netflix as well is all set for the next season. The masterwork is created by Michael Schur. He is the man behind The Office, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and Parks and Recreation. The Good Place premiered on September 19, 2016. The show received critical acclaim for its writing, acting, originality, setting, and tone.

The character of Eleanor played by Kristen Bell. She finds herself dead and lands up in an afterlife that happens to be heaven. She couldn’t understand the math behind good and bad as she has always been callous to all and doesn’t deserve to be in a good place. 

Further, Eleanor meets Chidi played by William Jackson Harper, Tahani aka Jameela Jamil, and Jason portrayed by Manny Jacinto. They all crack up the truth behind the good place aka heaven is actually a bad place aka hell. They are being tortured by Michael (Ted Danson), the architecture. 

The Good Place Season 5 has high chances to roll

The seasons have intelligently unfolded many wacky twists keeping the creating thinking alive. The character of Janice played by D’Arcy Carden is the robot that helps them all to find a loophole of getting them all to a good place. In the last season of The Good Place, the episode closes with Jason, Chidi, and Eleanor deciding to leave; Tahani becomes the architect of afterlife environments, whereas Michael is sent to Earth. 

The Good Place is highly speculated to return with season 5. The star cast is most likely to be the same. The plot of Season 5 could find a loophole that explains the door out of the Good Place doesn’t entirely wipe a person’s existence but allows for the core four to reunite with Michael and Janet for a special reason. The chances of major problems with the afterlife system is on the table.  We are speculating that the same will happen in the latter part of the year.

So, all the viewers, stay tuned with us for further official announcements!


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