“The Great heist “aka “El Robo Del Siglo” : All the Insights and Updates


Hi Folks, Welcome back! Seeing as we all are staying Home, and watching Netflix for the Foreseeable Future, the streamer’s latest Brand new Colombian Thriller offering “The Great Heist” originally titled “El Robo Del Siglo” which is based on true events that happened in October, 1994 is going to allow us to live out our non-existent Rainy days.

The fans of famous series Money Heist which gained a legion of followers are eagerly waiting for the Thrilling series which is a real-life event, a robbery of $33 million dollars that happened from the Bank of Republic in Columbia. 

The creators of the exclusive series are Camilo Prince and Pablo Gonzalez and the executive producers are Camilo Prince, Pablo Gonzalez and Andres Calderon. The show is written by Prince, Gonzalez, Natalia Santa and Nicolas Serrano.

Release of The Great Heist

Directed by Prince, Gonzalez and Laura Mora, most awaited series The Great Heist aka ‘El Robo Del Siglo’ is going to get premiered on 14th August, 2020 and the fans can catch The Great Heist on Netflix but due to the time difference, it will be released at different times across the world. 

The series is also inspired from the 2008 book by journalist Alfredo Serrano Zabala entitled as This is how I robbed the bank: The assault of the 20th century in Columbia. The series will have six suspenseful episodes and is going to be a non-stop entertainment. 

The fans can take a look at the teaser by Netflix to know what lies ahead in the great heist. To watch the trailer on YouTube, click on the link given

Cast of The Great Heist

The anticipated cast members in the series will be Andres Parra, Christian Tappan, Andres Parra and Waldo Urrego .

Here’s a short introduction of the star cast in The great Heist: Andres Parra is a Columbian film and TV actor, Tappan is a Mexican Columbian actor and Urrego is a theatre, film and TV actor from Columbia itself. 

Other cast members also include Marcela Benjumia, Paula Castano, Juan Sebastian Calero, Rodrigo Jerez, Juan Pablo Barragan and Ramses Ramos. 

Storyline of The Great Heist

The story revolves around a robbery that happened in a bank in Columbia where the thieves stole a huge amount that it was considered as the Robbery of the Century.

 In the movie, the thieves carried out a well-planned heist which had tools, masks, welding machines and oxygen tanks, basically everything that a high-profile robbery involves. As you watch the series, you will get to know how the 14 robbers made their planning and execution of this heist successful. 

The interesting part is all the 14 robbers made their way through the main door, and they all stayed inside and carried out the robbery without any gunshots for 21 long hours undetected, but How? It’s Unbelievable and Here lies the suspense, so take a look when the series is out, we are sure, you’ll love it as it entertains you keeping you on the edge of your seats.

And as the author Zabala said: This series will go around the world as it is a universal fact and it will be success as everyone likes real thing. 

So be ready to unfold the suspense’s of the great heist on 14th Aug,2020.

We’ll keep you updated with such interesting news. Till then stay safe and Stay Tuned.



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