The Hardy Boys Season 2 – Hulu Release Date, Casting, And Storyline

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Hulu’s “The Hardy Boys,” a dark and gritty reworking of Franklin W. Dixon’s iconic namesake book series, is getting closer to a Season 2 release date. This “Riverdale”style modern version, starring Rohan Campbell and Alexander Elliot as Frank and Joe Hardy, respectively, adds some spooky flair to entice viewers.

So far, the Generation Z-friendly reimagining of the series appears to be a success. On Rotten Tomatoes, the show has a 71 percent critic rating and a 67 percent audience rating, as well as an IMDb average rating of 7.0.

This has naturally piqued the interest of fans who are keen to learn more about the next season. When will it be available? Who is returning and who is departing? Although there isn’t much definite information yet, here’s what we do know about what’s to come.


The Hardy Boys Season 2 – What’s The Hulu Release Date

And by an exclusive Variety source, filming on “The Hardy Boys” Season 2 will begin at the end of June 2021, with the hope that everything would be shot and finished in time for a 2022 release date. The precise month and day, on the other hand, is still a riddle for Joe and Frank to unravel. However, speculating is simple.

Season 1 production began in the fall of 2019, according to many news outlets, including Kidscreen. There were 13 episodes in all, with a high production value that usually need a bit longer time in the oven for a program to reach its full potential.

The first season of “The Hardy Boys” premiered on Hulu (US) and YTV (Canada) on December 4, 2020, after a little more than a year of development.

Season 2 will, however, only be 10 episodes long, as per the show’s IMDb profile. Fans who are anxious to see what happens next for the residents of Bridgeport may have to wait until late summer or early fall, based on these hints from the show’s production history.

The Hardy Boys Season 2 – Casting

According to IMDb and Variety, the excellent piece, which includes the Hardy brothers (Rohan Campbell and Alexander Elliot), Aunt Trudy (Bea Santos), Biff Hooper (Riley O’Donnell), and Janet Porter, will return for Season 2. (Laura Hardy).

Porter, on the other hand, is only credited for the first 13 episodes of Season 1, while the rest of the major cast is credited for all 23 episodes. What exactly does this imply? It might be a simple typographical error, for example.

Another possibility is that the editors and producers intend to use recycled footage of her from Season 1 in the future season for plot-relevant flashbacks. Maybe they’re preparing something completely different that no one has yet guessed? Regardless, when filming ends up and Season 2 approaches, these questions will be answered.

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The Hardy Boys Season 2 – Storyline

The Variety exclusive teases a few Season 2 plot concepts but doesn’t go into much detail. According to their sources, the program will pick up six months after Season 1 concluded. According to the plot, “a local Bridgeport child goes missing, and a mysterious enterprise sweeps into town.” This, too, raises a number of issues.

Would the missing adolescent be one of the major characters or someone completely different? In any case, it’s reasonable to assume that the Hardy Boys with their amateur detective pals will make a valiant attempt to locate the missing teen and return them securely to their family.

It’s also fair to assume that a “shadowy corporation” relocating to town and a youngster going missing at the same moment aren’t coincidental. But who or what is this enigmatic organisation? What are they looking for? And do they have anything to do with the Season 1 mystery artefact? In the worst-case scenario, we won’t know until next year, when Season 2 is set to premiere.

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