‘The Haunting of Bly Manor’: 14 Times Flora & Miles Weren’t Themselves!!


The American web series ‘The Haunting of Bly Manor’ has finally unlocked the box of mysteries for the fans as the series has made its debut on the 9th of October through Netflix. The story is centralized on the two characters, Flora played by Amelie Bea Smith, and Miles played by Benjamin Evan Ainsworth.

Here’s the story

The two orphaned children are living at Bly Manor which is spread across the English countryside estate. The kids are brought up by their new nanny who has recently joined named Dani which is played by Victoria Pedretti. As soon as she arrives at Bly Manor, the viewers and she find that there is something strange about Flora and Miles. 

The strangest thing we find in them is that they seem like they forget what work they have done and what are their actions. As the series moves ahead all the layers start braking one by one slowly. When we go a little ahead, we find that the kids are behaving strangely in order to protect their loved ones from the Bly’s lady of the lake.

So, the ghosts make some attempts by controlling the bodies of the children from time to time to stop themselves from vanishing away and also to keep the soul of kids existing.

Here are some moments where we can find easily that Flora and Miles weren’t themselves. They were getting controlled by someone. They are fourteen in numbers but we are presenting a few of them.

  1. When Dani is changing (Episode 1)

After Dani gets settled in her new house, she finds Miles watching her changing from the crack door. Miles starts acting innocently when the Dani shut the door.

  1. While attempting a sweet talk with Dani (Episode 2)

Miles shows sweetness while attempting to apologize that He locked Dani in the closet. At first, it looks sweet but when he comes closer to her ear and whispers something by tucking her hair behind. This action of him makes Dani nervous.

  1. Flora starts walking to the lake as soon as she wakes up (Episode 6)

Dani finds Flora confused as the little girl walks towards the water with not being aware of her location, she is just walking. When Dani tries to get some of her attention, she turns to the deaf ear. This shows there was no Flora at all.


They are not just three, but these few moments should have given you how they get controlled.

Stay safe and stunned with us for more flinch.  


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