The Highest-Grossing R-Rated Movies Of All Time

Source: Vanity Fair

Today’s update comes up with movies acquiring the highest-grossing rate via Box Office Mojo. We know that R-rated movies make or summons less money in the box office but being flopped or making less money doesn’t mean that the movie couldn’t do well. However, often movies with great concepts and stories fall flat because of less publicity, the collision of thoughts, sudden outbreak, less understanding of the audience, etc.

For the last 10-15 years, R-rated movies are coming up with less audience because of their edgy concepts, even after getting fewer viewers, they somehow manage to gain a score in the substantial box office. Now, let us move toward all-time highest-grossing R-rated movies to date.

The movies that are enlisted below have different ranks based on worldwide scores. So, we’ll be using stats to get the precise results, hence we are using domestic box office data. 

So, here are some R-rated movies gathered by our team l, according to Box Office Mojo with a brief synopsis:

  1. The Passion Of The Christ 

This movie is heeding the list of R-rated movies. It came in 2004 with an amount of $ 370 million. It was based on a biblical instance of Jesus, which has been elaborated in the Gospels of Matthew, Luke, Mark, John, and other religious materials. The overall movie was centered on the last remaining twelve hours with his resurrection 

Source: Entertainment Weekly
  1. Deadpool 

Deadpool is ranking second in the list with an amount of $363 million. The movie is about a former operative of a Special Force, Wade Wilson. And then starts working as a mercenary, who then gets diagnosed with cancer. Then comes the emotional part of the story, where Wade leaves his girlfriend(Vanessa) to distance her from the pain of his death. 

  1. American Sniper:

American Sniper took home an amount of $350 Million at the box office and ranking third on our list. Our well-known Bradley Cooper looks at the role of Chris Kyle, the real-life Navy SEAL of the U.S. in this war drama. Being successful overseas, Kyle quickly becomes the best sniper but somehow he found dealing with the indelible and innovative memories of war or fight after getting back home is not that easy. Overall it picturized the war, fight, and life after that.

These are the top-three ranking R-rated movies then further in our list we have-

4.”Joker” with Box Office collection of $328 Million.

  1. “It” with a collection of $327 Million
  2. “Deadpool 2” with Box Office collection of $324 Million.
  3. “The Matrix Reloaded” with a Box Office collection of $281 Million.
  4. “The Hangover” with a collection of $277 Million.
  5. “The Hangover Part II” with a collection of $254 Million.
  6. “Beverly Hills Cop” with a collection of $232 Million.


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