The holiday gift Rachel Zoe buys in bulk? Diamonds

The holiday gift Rachel Zoe buys in bulk?
The holiday gift Rachel Zoe buys in bulk?

Rachel Zoe, the American fashion designer, shocked the fans when she revealed that she buys diamond jewellery for her friends and family, including employees!

She revealed in the interview with Page Six Style that diamonds are her go to when gifting people. “Diamonds, believe it or not! I buy handpicked, very delicate diamond jewelry for my employees each year. My favorites over the years have been from Jennifer Meyer, Anita Ko or The Last Line. It’s become a special holiday tradition that means a lot to me.” Zoe said.

The holiday gift Rachel Zoe buys in bulk?
The holiday gift Rachel Zoe buys in bulk?

Zoe also revealed that she bought jewellery for her husband as a Christmas present as well. She recommends Tiffany & Co if you’re looking for some good jewellery for men as well. Knowing her mild obsession with diamonds, her husband, Roger Berman, gave her custom made or personalised necklaces as presents.

She has shared one of the necklaces her husband had gifted her with their children’s name inscribed in it on her instagram. You can find the post here-



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Zoe is not planning on getting everyone jewellery though. She revealed that she is getting handbags for her mother and Ralph Lauren jackets for her father. Her kids will be getting the new PS5.

These are quite a materialist way to show one’s love and one should always remember that you don’t always need diamonds let your loved ones know how much you mean to them.

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