The Idol: Everything you need to know


The Weeknd has a reputation for being a dedicated performer, especially for the people he works with. When promoting his 2020 album, “After Hours,” the singer frequently wore a blutty face for his song “Blinding Lights.” 

During his song “Blinding Lights,” he frequently made a hysterically happy face that reminded him of himself. It is a collection of his haphazard attempts to understand a world that is rapidly changing after a breakdown.

When bandages covering his entire face were presented at the US Music Awards in November 2020, the “After Hours” character evolved. When he debuted his music video Save Your Tears in January 2021, he used prothesis depicting extreme plastic surgery.

With all of his showmanship in his music, it’s no surprise that The Weeknd is a movie buff. “I wanted to make movies before I thought about making music,” he told in 2016.

Now, a female pop star who is a Club owner — and a secret member of the cult — will bring The Weeknd’s new HBO series, “the idol,” to fictitious attention. Here’s what we know so far about the show.

What is the release date of The Idol

“The Idol” still has an unannounced tentative release date. The series was announced in late June 2021 as a collaboration between HBO and The Weeknd Cable Platform, with The Weeknd serving as star, co-writer, and manager.

 Weeknd working with Reza Fahim, Wassim managers Slaiby, and La Mar C. Taylor creative director are among those involved. “The Idol” is co-written by Joseph Epstein and Mary Laws as co-producer and author. “Idol” is an abbreviation for “The Idol Is”

“The Idol” was co-created by The Weeknd, Fahim, and Euphoria showrunner Sam Levinson. The film “Euphoria,” which could premiere on HBO in early 2021, is currently in Stage 2 of production. If the show is wrapped later this year, the pilot for “The Idol” could be cast and filmed in early to mid-2022, and released at the end of 2022 or early 2023.

Who is in the the Cast of The Idol

Until now, The Weeknd (aka Abel Makkonen Tesfaye) has been the only actor attached to the project, and the exact role has yet to be revealed. Although it is the star’s first major role, he is no stranger to the film and television industries. He wrote and performed in an episode of the TBS comedy “American Dad!” in 2020, as well as an episode of the animated comedy “Robot Chicken” in 2020. According to Variedad, Adam Sandler’s co-director Josh Safdie described him as a “real cinemaphile” with a desire for the silver screen in his 2019 film “Uncut Gems.”


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