The Indiana Jones Star Does Not Consider Indy To Be A Paedophile

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Karen Allen, the star of Raiders of the Lost Ark, has defended Indiana Jones against accusations of “sinister overtones” in her character’s infatuation with the action hero.

In the 1981 picture, the 69-year-old actress played Marion Ravenwood alongside Harrison Ford as Jones, who is supposed to have had a love involvement with her character when she was “a kid.”

Allen told Uproxx, “I don’t conceive of him as a paedophile.” That is the road that some of these people have chosen.”

When Indiana walks into Marion’s tavern, she hits him and says: “In the last ten years, I’ve grown to despise you. I was a kid! I was madly in love! It was wrong, and you were aware of it… Do you realize what you did to me? What happened to my life?”

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Allen was questioned if she believed her words showed her character’s previous relationship with Indie had “sinister overtones.”

She stated: “That’s one way to put it. I believe I was 16 at the time. I’m not sure. That’s what I envisioned when she was 16 and he was 26. He was also her father’s pupil. And it’s been left unsolved. They may have kissed a couple times and she was utterly blown away, and he might not have wanted to become engaged with someone so young.

But I’m sure my dad would’ve been furious with him. “What’s amazing is that we have no notion what the circumstances are.” So she clearly cared a great deal for him.

He could have had feelings for her as well. But, in the end, he thought it was a risky scenario and he didn’t want to be a part of it. When something is as hazy as that, you may colour it anyway you like. I’ve coloured it in a way that makes it appear to be pretty harmless.

“She says, ‘This one was immoral, but you were aware of it as well.’ In other words, we assume he misled her in some way. I’m guessing she was 16 at the time when she claimed she was a child. Or anything along those lines.”

Raiders of the Lost Ark is being originally released on 4K Blu-ray and will also be available to stream on Amazon Prime beginning July 24th, among the other Indiana Jones films. Karen Allen recounts meeting 6,000 snakes in Raiders Of The Lost Ark.

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