The Irregulars season 2: release date, plot, cast and what we know

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The Irregulars, a Netflix original series, just released its first season, and it’s already generating hype. The plot follows a group of street kids in Victorian London who are approached by the enigmatic John Watson (Royce Pierreson) to solve crimes involving supernatural events, while his boss Sherlock Holmes (Henry Lloyd-Hughes) receives all of the credit. It’s essentially a mash-up of teen drama, the supernatural, and Sherlock Holmes stories wrapped into one.

These cases seem to be straightforward at first, but they quickly take a dark turn. As if Sherlock Holmes wasn’t scary enough, The Irregulars adds a creepy new twist to the Holmes legend, as well as supernatural events that leave viewers seeking more. 

Season 1 ended with an eight-episode finale that was pretty much wrapped up in a bow. There had been new bonds formed, a tragic loss had occurred, and a potential love triangle had arisen. Although we suggest binge-watching the first season to catch up and prepare for the second, we’ll go over what viewers can expect from season 2 of The Irregulars now.

Is there a confirmed date for the second season of The Irregulars? 

The first season of The Irregulars has only been available on Netflix for a week, but the network has already revealed that a second season will be released at some point in the future. It seems appropriate, given the popularity of the Sherlock Holmes universe. Enola Holmes has become a hit on Netflix, and Iron Man’s Robert Downey Jr. will reprise his role as the titular detective in Sherlock Holmes 3 later this year. Reprising a show before its premiere is a gamble, but one that the streamer seems to be willing to take. 

However, after The Irregulars debuted on Netflix, it’s not surprising that it was renewed so quickly. Since most teen dramas/sci-fi shows perform so well, they usually get a second — and probably a third — season, so it’s only fair that this show will do the same. 

Who will star in season 2 of The Irregulars? 

The cast for The Irregulars season 2 is still a little hazy. If we were to guess, the majority of the main cast from season one — Spike (McKell David), Bea (Thaddea Graham), Billy (Jojo Macari), and Jessie (Darci Shaw) — will be returning for season two. Despite the fact that the show is primarily aimed at teenagers, Holmes and Watson are almost certain to appear in some capacity. The Linen Man (Clarke Peters) explains in the first season that he has a son who is a “real psychic,” also known as an Ipsissimus, according to Refinery 29, so a potential villain may appear soon.

Even though The Linen Man met his end, that doesn’t rule out the possibility that his offspring will return for more devastation in the following season. 

Season 2 will also see creator Tim Bidwell, executive producer Greg Brenman, co-producer Michael Ray, and Jude Liknaitzky return to the producing chair.

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What is the plot of season 2 of The Irregulars?

Based on the likelihood that a new supernatural danger is on the horizon, it’s a safe bet that the second season of The Irregulars will be at least partially about that. Since the Rip was thoroughly clarified in Season 1, it is unlikely that the plot will be continued. Sherlock and Jessie went through The Rip with Bea’s mother Alice (Eileen O’Higgins), but it’s unclear if he’ll return or whether the girls will see their mother again. 

Since The Rip was responsible for a slew of supernatural occurrences in London, it’s uncertain when the next danger would emerge, but a season wouldn’t be complete without one. If the danger comes from another direction or not, it seems that Sherlock and Alice’s tale is far from over, and that they will return to save — or ruin — the day.


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