The Jack Sparrow, the most beloved pirate ever, was not what the writers intended him to be!


There is no human in the world who has watched Pirates of the Caribbean and has not fallen in love with Jack Sparrow. His eccentric actions and quirky personality will never leave the audience’s minds.

Though he is vicious and powerful enough to be classified as a pirate, we never consider him as one because of how much he makes us laugh.

But we may never have had an opportunity to meet him if it weren’t for Johnny Depp. The original producers of Disney wanted Depp to “tone down” his performance as they found it over the top. They even asked if he came to shoot drunk.

But this never demoralized Depp. These comments about his acting only wanted him to add more quirk to the character. Sometimes it went to an extreme where many never understood what he said without the subtitles. 

He even stated in an interview that, “When they asked me to bring it down, I turned it up.” He explained that he could do justice to the character only if he acted on his own accord.

When the first movie Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl became a hit, Depp was not bothered anymore. 

The franchise is no longer known as the movie inspired by a train ride in Disneyland of the same name  (I doubt that many fans would even know this fact) and it has its own fandom of its own.

So Jack Sparrow should not be toned down as that is what the fans want.

Do you think Johnny Depp is overacting? Tell us about it!


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